Friday, November 12, 2010

Exam Review 1. ( r - gg )

r. Distillation

t. Representative Elements

u. Electrons

v. Nucleus

w. Thomson

x. Atomic Number

y. Atom

z. Isotopes

aa. Pauli Exclusion Principle

bb. Chemical Reaction

cc. Atomic Mass

dd. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

ee. Periodic Trends

ff. Mixture

gg. N


  1. I disagree with your answer for letter y. I think that when it asks for a substance that can be broken down by chemical means it is asking for element, not atom. an element is that simplest type of substance while an atom is a division it.

    Correct me if I'm wrong though

  2. very good, daniel
    thanks for the help, there was one I couldn't get that you did not put up there - s

  3. you can omit s - it is technically from a chapter we didn't cover. Reversible works ok if you really want an answer