Friday, September 10, 2010

Chemical Changes

Chemical Changes:

The first experiment was burning the CD to test its flamability. I used matches to try and burn the CD. The Cd did not catch on fire, it simply darkened and melted a little.

Burned CD:

The second experiment I placed the CD in water to see how it would react, But like most plastics nothing happened. The CD was unchanged and did not react with the water.

CD in water:

For the third experiment I placed the CD in orange juice to see how it would react to the citrus acid. There weree no real changes to the CD. The only thing that happened to the CD is that it became sticky.

CD in orange juice:

For my fourth experiment I placed the CD in a bowl of bleach. The CD reacted very little to the bleach. The sharpie mark on it disappeared and the top color became slightly lighter. The colors of the paint on the CD only became lighter, but other than that it remained unchanged.

CD after bleach:

For my fifth and final experiment I placed a CD in the microwave to see how it would react to the radiation.
The CD sparked and became cracked.

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  1. When the CD reacts with the radiation in the microwave, it is a chemical change. Also it is quite AWWWWSOMMMMEEEEEE. 2 comments down, uno mass!